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SlickRun – Command line tool for Windows

SlickRun is a great command line tool which enables you to create a set of commands providing productivity boost.

The best thing about it is the ability to create custom commands called “Magic Words”. For example you can make a command “google <parameter>” which open browser and look for a provided word as a parameter.



SlickRun is really slick.


I have created one great magic word. It opens every forum and news site I am watching. You can launch multiple functions at once by using the @MULTI@ keyword

MagicWord: forums

Filename: @MULTI@
Parameters: eit@4programmers@coderscity …..


3 Comments on “SlickRun – Command line tool for Windows”

  1. kamil says:

    lamik, lamik, widze ze piszesz notki regularnie, w dodtaku ciekawie, tylko chwalic 😀

    • LaM says:

      No zobaczymy co z tej regularności wyjdzie 😀 Wkrótce napiszę relacje z IT Academic Day i relacje z rajdu Elektronika [ocenzurowaną] :]

  2. […] have made a post abotu SlickRun [it's right now in polish]. This is a great program. You can define various macros and run multiple […]

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