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Calling Python from .Net

In one of the projects i want to use scripting language featuers to easily change the behaviour of my application on the runtime. I choosed Python and its .Net implementation IronPython beacuase it is a solid and popular language.

Before we can start we need :

IronPython Site.

There is also a nice Visual Studio 2010 integration tool which adds new project templates and interactive command prompt to Visual Studio IDE.

In our code we have to add assembly references :

– IronPython

– IronPython.Modules

– Microsoft.Dynamic

– Microsoft.Scripting

– Microsoft.Scripting.Debbuging

You can find these files in the IronPython installation folder.

Create simple testing script with just one function declaration

def Simple():

	print "Hello from Python Interpreter" - filename

This script will print a “marvellous” Hello World style text 😀

In .Net code we have to:

1. Initialize Python Runtime

2. Load File with the script to dynamic object

3. Use dynamic [this keyword is a new addition to the .Net 4.0] object as class , referencing method in script file.

var ipy = Python.CreateRuntime();

dynamic test = ipy.UseFile("");


This code will execute function Simple which is defined in the python script file.Test is a dynamic object , we dont know on the compile time what kind of object it is. The dynamic object will be defined on the runtime. Dynamic keyword is a new addition in the .Net 4.0 Framework. It is simmilar to the var keyword but , it has a different behaviour. Var is defined on the compile time [while the dynamic on the runtime] . Compilator while creating byte code  gueses object from the application cntext.DLR [Dynamic Language Runtime] is a link beetwen CLR and dynamicly typed languages like Python (IronPython) or Ruby (IronRuby). It is build on top of the CLR.

Where could we use a scripting language integration ?

The game called “Civilization 4” is a great example of a architecture with core engine created in c++ and almost everything else , from the ai logic , scenarios , map generatior to the ui mechanics is created based on the python code. This architecture creates a great enviroment for end users. By using Python gamers created lot of great mods for the game.


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