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Learning Linq with the LinqPad

LinqPad is a great tool to learn Linq and test queries


While working on the Activity Tracker I had to make a new xml loading logic to be able to load the children’s of the nodes. Previous logic just loaded all the elements without the parent <-> child connection.

Xml logic is using the Linq to xml. In order to learn Linq better I needed to test some of its feature and by try and error create a code. Modifying and creating code all the time is really a time consuming task.

There is a nice application which you can use to play and test Linq really fast.



image Pic 1. Main window


Simple example :

Reading and querying xml file.


You can write simple code and execute it really fast, just like you would write the code in IDE . To see results you can use the Dump class which executes query and then shows the result.

This is really great and useful tool. Get the LinqPad


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