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One night in Microsoft

.Net group from Wroclaw University of Technology was invited by Microsoft to the event in their HQ in Warsaw . It was a first gathering of .Net groups from our country. Almost 200+ students showed up. Microsoft had problems with overcrowded hall but it was ok. As name suggests it was a all night event.

It was all about fun :

  • Couple of great presentations about Career in IT , WP7 Development and new Features in IE 9.
  • Lot of contest. Chees games , Guitar Hero Contest , Speaker Idol , Karaoke contest. Of course everything with nice prizes.

MS invests lot of resources into academic communities. This is a smart move. If a young developer or IT pro starts career on MS Stack , there is a big probability that he will stay here.In a long run this means more business and money for Microsoft.




Great event we had a lot of fun especially on “Kinect” and Xbox. We also tried MS Surface.I really liked the friendly  atmosphere in the MS. It’s a pity that I wont be able to attend next year edition.


5 Comments on “One night in Microsoft”

  1. bartex says:

    Why are you smiling under this, this IE9 poster :p.
    I hope you aren’t using it? :)…btw., show more photos!

    • LaM says:

      Nah i’m a Chrome fan ;] More photos soon on FB.

    • trn says:

      I use IE9 beta, and I have to tell you it’s really OK. of course it’s not my main browser but I opened many sites in IE9 and FFox and there was no difference so I think our parents or grandparents will be pleased to use it. especially it’s buttons free. there’s only navigation buttons that’s it – for people who want simply browsing it’s really the best – and windows will install it without any users effort. other broswers you have to download from theirs webpages. Not all users can do that 😉 (My mum for ex.)

      • LaM says:

        Ie9 is only compatible with win 7 and vista. Windows 7 sold 240M copies in one year but Win XP still has 70% of market . Ms is missing a lot of customers right now.

        And yes IE9 is a huge step forward for MS.

  2. trn says:

    I did not know about win 7 and vista thing. That’s huge lost for IE9 but honestly… MS don’t have too many profits from people using theirs browser. It’s only new gadget in windows that’s all. Besides… IE is still the most often used browser no matter which version.

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