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<3 Git and how to – problem with ignoring by file extensions

I started my adventure in Source Code Management systems with SVN. I was on my 3rd year at University and was quite impressed with it’s capabilities. Later on after hearing a lot of good things about Git and watching great presentation by Linus Torvalds, I persuaded myself to try it. This was a big move for me. I worked/learned on the MS stack so by moving to the GIT world I had to learn some Unix technology. I had problems with adoption : configuration problems , shift in thinking about repositories , branches , even something new like GitHub community. Lots of work and try and error learning but it was worth the time . Now  , which is an irony , I have problems working with SVN at work Too much “git-ing” : ) . You just cant understand why something is in GIT and not in SVN. I m struggling now. Integration server is full of “build failures  , caused by missing file in repository : D

I m still working with GIT at home  , and  I m not changing it to other SCM unless it’s really necessary eg. in work.


Recently I encountered a problem with ignoring files. I wanted to ignore some files by extension type. Well I was not working at all. I had to spent some time to find the solution. StackOverflow came to the rescue. Those simple commands fixed my problem.

1. git rm -r --cached .

2. git add .

3.git commit –m

This basically clears out the cache and “re-adds” files.

On a side note don’t be afraid with the git rm command , I have almost jumped off my chair when I saw whole thesis being deleted : )


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