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Hey, welcome to my site. My name is Michael and I m a IT student living in Poland.

I love to share with knowledge, solutions and ideas. That’s why I have created this blog. Enjoy your stay and if you really like/dislike something, please leave a comment. I m still learning so your opinion is appreciated.

I was 16 when my father made his attempt to interest me with programming, he gave me Delphi book, and I started learning ”something”. It’s funny but in the beginning, I couldn’t understand the difference between const and variable. First program ? It was a Simple calculator in pascal, with maybe four operators. My .net history started 2.5 year ago. I created my „big” application, which was a simple rat colony simulation it was using the xna framework.

Right now, I am on a 5th year on Wroclaw University of Technology. I am also in students “.Net” group where we are promoting “.Net” technology on our Uni. I am making various presentations about programming for the group. My interest is centered on the IT and programming, but I am also a passionate about modern history [ right now I have an obsession about vietnam war].

There is one thing that drives and motivates me in life, personal development. I love to learn constantly, try new things and technologies. Have fun on this site



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Contact Info:

e-mail : lam.michal.franc .at. gmail
gg : 6294035