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I came back to WordPress. Brief adventur…

I came back to WordPress. Brief adventure with BlogEngine .Net is over.

It is not that BlogEngine is bad or something. It’s really a great software but … I just want to write blog posts and WordPress gives everything you need in a nice easy to use package. BlogEngine is different. You have to do a lot of things by yourself. No no no i just want to write :D.

I migrated to BlogEngine beacuase i wanted to learn more about developing sites. With BlogEngine i had a code in .Net so i was playing around [at least for a while]. Right now i have a job with a lot of web developement and i don’t have a time to “code here , code there” on blog , so there was no point to stick with the old Enigne.

Of course there was also a great problem with spam bots attacking my site. There are great anti-spam tools for BlogEngine [Akismet filter is already in 1.6.0 version package] but well i had a problem with configuration 😀

So i m back here. I’m planning to stick with the WordPress right now. Maybe in the future i will try something different , something new … who knows.


Migrating from WordPress to Blog Engine .Net

Thank God that there is such a tool like BlogML. Without it migrating from WordPress to BlogEngine Net would be a difficult and time-consuming task.

If you are hosting your WordPress Blog by yourself. There are tools to import database. AghaUsmanAhmed

If your Blog was on a official WordPress site , you don’t have access to database , follow those steps.

Simple Steps:

1. Export your WordPress to XML.

Just go to WordPress Tools and there is an option to export all to XML.

2. Convert XML to BlogML format

There is a tool made by Goran. .Net Lorem Ipsum

Use it to Convert XML.

If there is a runtime error or somekind of an Exception. Download VS 2008 solution and change

          static DateTime ParseWPDate(string value)
             return DateTime.ParseExact(value, "ddd, dd MMM yyyy HH:mm:ss zz00", ci.DateTimeFormat);


			static DateTime ParseWPDate(string value)
                return DateTime.ParseExact(value, "ddd, dd MMM yyyy HH:mm:ss zz00", ci.DateTimeFormat);
                return DateTime.Now;

There can also be a problem with xml and some “atom” tag just delete it.

3. Import BlogML xml in BlogEngine .Net Settings.

Open BlogEngine .Net site in IE (Its Important beacuase import toll wont work on other browsers). Run Import Toll select converted xml and Thats All 😛

My online World

Everyday in the morning I m browsing sites blogs and lots of forums. I m using the FeedDaemon organize blogs. This is a great program which also syncs itself with Google Reader.


I am starting with:

1. Jak .Net by Maciej Aniserowicz
2. Coding Horror by Jeff Atwood
3. Code Better
4. Ayende @ Rahien
6.Blog Alexa

Forums that I am watching:

Code Project
Code Guru
Coders City


This is my first post on this blog 😀 Let me start with one of the great quotes.

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”


Lao Tsu